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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Power of Numbers

It seems that in a computer age, the need for numbers has been reduced to just 0s and 1s. I mean most teens these days only read in binary, texting in such a crude way. Like the following example:
(Use this to translate: http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To_Text.asp)
But to many people, it comes as a surprise that numbers extend beyond the realm of two large numbers and represent/symbolize a multitude of events, ideas, and concepts. For instance, take the number 69. It represents a monumental feat of mankind. An achievement of such magnitude all quake due to its power. Of course everyone when they hear the number 69 thinks of the year when Neil Armstrong set foot upon the moon and declared that mankind had taken a leap (Silly man. If only he'd known nukes would would blow back to the stone age).

And this week, the magazine that controls weekly news, Newsweek, compiled a list ranking the Top 100 Countries of the World. Of course the United States came in double first place to take rank #11. Oh yeah baby! Only the US could take two first places. USA! USA! USA! Why the ranking you might ask. It's due to our wonderful education and healthcare systems, both ranked at an outstanding 26th. Healthcare has been socialized (Obamafied, Hitlerized, Glamorized, pimped out... pick whatever) so the socialists at Newsweek should change that soon (Newsweek put most of the European nations up front= socialist hub). On education, even Kazakhstan is in front of us. Meaning that if we all watch more Borat and learn, we would all gain a significant amount of IQ. Very nice! Or we could find a better way to make the education accountable for educating children by instituting and experimenting with other measurement techniques outside the grasp of the Collegeboard monopoly/trust. Or we could give more incentives to teachers to teach well through a merit pay system or some other pay system that rewards good teachers and punishes bad ones. But that all requires time, money, and especially thinking and education. Education requires a better education system. And a better education system requires watching more Borat.

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