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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do We Really Exist?

Do we exist? Do you exist? What is existence? In today's World there is much debate as to whether or not Man exists.
And if Man were to exist is His existence significant when placed next to the vast Universe?

Descartes once said; "Cogito Ergo Sum"
I think therefore I am. But is he?
And Orpheus once asked "What is Real?"

How do we know we are not but brains in glass jars that sit upon a marble counter top in the 9th Universe of the 6th Dimension?
The truth is that we cannot comprehend what is Truth. Humanity does not have the capacity to understand the Secrets of the Universe.

And so The Conclave speaks; "If Man were to seek and come upon True Knowledge, He would be destroyed by the Energies that reside in the vast Universe. One of many in the Great Omniverse. If Man were to actually exist His existence may not be significant. For Man's significance is weightless."


  1. As we all know we are actually brains in a jar. Hence, if one is enlightened one can eat cynide and not die. For example, a bulletproof vest does not stop a bullet because of its strong fibers. In fact it is man who overcomes the bullet.

  2. We all exist, else we could not contemplate our existences. The question is in what form do we exist? Are we binary code, a series of 1s and 0s in some great computer simulation? Are we aliens attempting to experience human lives through some virtual reality machine? Is life all one big dream, and death is the awakening? Or are we "brains in glass jars that sit upon a marble counter top in the 9th Universe of the 6th Dimension"?

  3. If we jar brain, then does that mean all reality is an illusion, can we do anythng, touch anything, say anything, ifwe jumped off a the stairs would we fall forever in a void of darkness.

  4. Well, if i get some, i dont really care whether i exist or not.

  5. Such questions are better pondered in an elevated state of mind.