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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Man?

The age old question: is Man intrinsically evil? Post your thoughts and comments.

Prepare for intellectual stimulation.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. YES!!! Men are borned evil and strive to be evil. They are the worst thing that ever happened to the planet Earth. Man causes every problem that occured since their creation. In the end, men will be the cause of their own destruction, for the nature of man is evil.
    -The Martian

  3. Man was hitler
    hitler was evil
    therefore, man is evil

  4. John: I think we should question whether or not being intrinsically evil is a bad thing.
    Isn't the universe eventually going to have temperature equalization due to entropy - therefore becoming impossible to sustain life further and thus evil? If nature, is .. well, by nature evil then is it really bad (and worth discussing)?
    Kevin: Logical fallacy of Composition. and was Hitler really evil, or just a man before his time?

  5. Is Evil something you do? or something you are? Can you be a good child all your life and doing something bad means that your evil? Or can you be born evil, but be the most caring and loving person?

  6. What is Evil? What is Good, these are all just relatve terms, word without true meaning. People decide what is good or bad based on emotions, their relationship to the person,place or idea, or based on childhood and human cravings. Not based on good judgment. And to add to that, reality is distorted by peers and corprate media, so it is impossible to reach a fair judgment any way. So what is evil, what is good? Maybe nothing is evil?

  7. @Kevin Xie

    That's a logical fallacy son! Owned!

    *fist pumps*

  8. Why does everyone assume that everyone is intrinsically good or bad? Can't half the population be intrinsically good and half naturally bad?