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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Healthcare: A Conservative's Plea For Justice

America has been betrayed. In the year 2009, the great United States of America has been stabbed in the back by an enemy on the inside. So many may ask; Who is this enemy? And where is he? The enemy resides on Capitol Hill. The Democrats want to promote this Health Care Bill, claiming it's in the interest of the American people...

But we know what it's really about. It's about control, and power over the Free World. They don't care about you or me, they only care about themselves. Personally, I hate the Health Care Bill because it is filled with wasteful spending plans.
Now, I haven't actually read the Health Care Bill, but I can assume that because the Democrats created it; it must be terrible. Though I did not actually read the bill, I did read the table of contents. Oh! What horrors I saw there! In section 157. titled: NON-DISCRIMINATION ON ABORTION AND RESPECT FOR RIGHTS OF CONSCIENCE, it is clear that this is the work of Satan.

Everyone knows the word Abortion is Evil, and if it appears in a piece of government legislation, especially legislation created by Democrats, it is pure Evil!

Those black-blooded Liberals want nothing more than to indoctrinate America with their filth and steal our precious children! Yes! Steal our children and consume them to feed their insatiable appetite for human flesh.

So, I call upon you courageous Conservatives and urge you to fight back! Fight against tyranny and injustice and these putrid scum that pollute our political system.

Also, I would like to point out how these Demons of the Dark Lord try to cover up their treachery; they incorporate fluffy words like "Respect" and "Rights", obviously trying to seduce you into joining them!

Do not join them. By any means. This is America. And I am an American.

America needs justice.

- Angry Conservative


  1. Where is the equally ridiculous liberal letter? The Conclave retains no bias!

  2. Such nonsense is the reason why I want to relocate to Jamaica. Everyone is happy there. Everyone.

  3. America needs Chinese rule, it's worked out pretty well for them, perhaps it shall work well for us

  4. This is no longer conservative, it is reactionary! and wherever a ridiculous reactionary letter is found, it is the duty of the Conclave to post an equally ridiculous radical letter! I agree with Brandt_S: (though we may disagree on precise terminology) Let the Conclave retain no bias! Give us Radicals to ridicule!