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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Existence of Other Life

One question many seem to ponder over is whether or not there are other forms of life out there in the vast seas of space. The answer undoubtedly is yes, for if the Universe is vast and if there are multiple Universes existing in one super-massive Omniverse, there must be other life.

The real questions are: Do these life forms share similarities with us? Are they vicious or ferocious? Do they plan to conquer the Omniverse? For of Man were to venture outside His own Universe, He would be compelled to venture into other Universes.

But then again; do we actually exist? As it stands now, we do not know, we might not ever know. One thing however remains clear; in our perceived reality other life must exist. Only because our reality is limitless.

Further analysis concludes that their is the possibility that Man was created by greater beings. Superior Craftsmen with a Magical Clay.

And so The Conclave speaks; "Humanity carries on through this vast space, on a Vessel Of Life. This Vessel must not by any means be violated for if it is, Man will suffer. Though, it is true that Suffering is Man's eternal condition, we must march on through the Space of Eternity. Man must Prevail. If Man is to prevail he must venture out of his Common Universe and become united with the Omniverse. He can only do so by coming into contact with The Other Races Of The Omniverse. Until he has done so he will remain Lost."


  1. If other life does exist, it will be attractive blue aliens. Trust me.

  2. Twi'lek reference, Sir Paul? I am impressed...