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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where Doth The Tree Of Knowledge Lay?

From the story of the huge, ostentatious Tree conveniently located by God in the center of the Garden of Eden to the seeds of the magnificent Tree that will sprout out of your computer screen and consume your mind from this blog, the legend of the Tree Of Knowledge has been promulgated by the many cultures of the world (only those that are Christian).

Where doth the Tree Of Knowledge lie today? And why have we not tried to search for it? If one Fruit led to the technology to destroy the world a thousand times over, then we can only imagine what bushels of divine knowing will inspire. The Conclave would like to claim that the Tree Of Knowledge lies within the seeds of the pomegranate and that if we were to combine all the seeds in one vat, the combination will levitate, consolidate into one huge seed and then blind all those not worthy and impregnate the minds of those that have been enlightened by the Conclave. But that's just a theory. What are your theories? And if you have found It, can you please inform the Conclave?


  1. sometimes it is better not to know.

    As for the theory: The limit as man seeks enlightenment through the Tree of Knowledge approaches infinity. There is no limit to what man can accomplish or what atrocities he may commit. The Tree of Knowledge doth not exist, unless if we wish it to in our minds, in our all perpetuating search for greater meaning.

    Again, sometimes it is better not to know.

  2. The Conclave asks, and so I answer.

    "Where Doth The Tree Of Knowledge Lay?"

    Assemble, You of the Conclave, and lend Ear to my tale.
    I climbed the Tree. I looked upon the Forest. A vast sprawling Garden of lush and verdant Nature. The magnificence of the View blinded me, and now I see. The Tree does not lay, nor lie, nor has it lain, and never has it lied. Forsooth, the Tree stands. It stands proud and tall, the diamond-encrusted Tiara of God's primeval Garden.

    Would that All could share in my Journey. Would that All could partake in my Enlightenment! Yet the Road was unpavéd, the Course unchartéd, the Trail unblazéd, the
    Path unbeaten! Zounds, such a Journey is no small task, no occupation for the Faint of Heart. It is unyielding and perilous; man tremulous and tender. Aye, the Tree is nigh unreachable. Only the most brave and daring Minds can hope to grasp the Fruit of the Divine.

    Yet as the great D. H. Cyrus once spake, “Ain't about how fast I get there. Ain't about what's waiting on the other side.”

    What bold and eloquent, pearly raindrops of Wisdom! What iridescent, sparkling gems of Truth and Beauty! What a sumptuous feast with which to set the Table of the Mind!
    For the Mind is hungry.
    Hungry like the Wolf
    for the straying Lamb. Hungry for the
    Fruit of Knowledge.

    Yea, listen and learn, You of the Conclave. Seek not the Tree that lies. Find the Tree that stands. And remember, “It’s the climb.”

  3. Hear me now, for Darth Rvfvs would speak, And I will have your ear. (Whether you like it or not) Why do I need your ear, you ask? Is this message not typed, and therefore the proper organ for internalization the eye? True though this may be, the eyes are often deceived, for the hierarchy of senses begins with sight and concludes with touch. Regardless of the correctness of the idiom, I shall complete my response. The Tree of Knowledge lies nowhere, yet its branches are seen throughout the world. The Internet is the True Tree of Knowledge, for none can find its sole abode--it has none. And yet should we seek this tree? For this question reigns above all others: what is knowledge without the wisdom to use it wisely? Seek first the tree of wisdom, that you might later partake of the tree of knowledge, and then, you shall understand.

  4. From a Harvard professor that went to Yale to learn other things for three days once said, “Obviously the tree of knowledge is in the White House. How else is the US so economically stable? According to the trade deficit counter we have 12 trillion in the red. Contrary to popular belief red does not mean deficit but instead it means we have to spend the money." I firmly believe this Harvard professor that went to Yale for three days. Now look at another perspective. Look at the economy and how people have succeeded. We all know that the US has the most amounts of millionaires and billionaires in the world. The secret is the method of getting rich. A sure fire way is stated by the great Glenn Beck, “You can get rich making fun of me. I know. I've made lots of money making fun of me.” I know that this would work the only problem is Glenn Beck is the only person that can make fun of himself. There is nothing that anyone can say about what Glenn Beck has done that is illogical. If it were so easy then everyone would be using money as toilet paper. The fact remains that the US does have the tree of knowledge it is just only a few people have eaten the apple.

  5. You guys are reading way to far into this. I know where the Tree of Knowledge lay. How, say you? Well, I sayeth not, but for a fear of being metaphorically dismember by its all seeing eye.

    (Try and comprehend that, you intellectual jerks... :P)

  6. To sir Paul:

    You misspelled "too".

    I don't know what Tree of Knowledge you found, but you might want to get a refund...