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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Rise of China?

Many people fear that the Red Chinese are on their way to replace the United States as the overlord of the free world. They have adopted "market socialism" as a cover for their communist, authoritarian economy where they sell their women for rice, their rights for opium, and lives for giant walls that keep out nonexistent mongols. China has become so powerful, that it has enslaved the United States' economy, put a leash on it, and has dragged it around flaunting it as its personal pet (and at times has beat it as illustrated by the current economic recession). In addition, the Chinese army has so many people that it is still able to effectively use human wave tactics in a nuclear age (think walls of people).

Even though they may have economic and military might, there is one thing that China lacks and which America dominates: Faith. The concentration of athiests within the country has created a secular, humanist Black Hole that sucks the souls out of all that step into that country (see above diagram)- one of the main reasons that Communism was so successful. All seen "conversions" to Christianity or other repectable faiths have been Communist propoganda in order to decieve the world into thinking China has any sense of morality or virtue. This has caused China to have weaker morale and divine rights than the United States. This is what will always make China subservient to the United States. Know these "facts", do you still think China will maybe one day overtake the United States? Or shall the United States forevermore be the leader of the Omniverse as we know it?


  1. The Omniverse will become Algeria land.... Sooner than you think.

  2. In complete and utter honesty, China has perfected their market system in my opinion. Its only a matter of time...