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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Nondenominational Winter Solstice and Gregorian New Year!

Whether you worship a single God this season or a motley of singing, dancing demi-gods of the 8th dimension of the Omniverse, the last months of the each year are filled with cheer and joy aimed at brainwashing us into having "good will to men" and perpetuating the tenants of Capitalism (such as spending money we don't have or buying someones affection). People get together to play games with spinning tops, candy canes, or flaming torches and create strong bonds that will be forgotten by the end of the night due to drunken stupor. It is a time when people can feel guilty enough to send cards to people they have purposely neglected. And a time when people feel arrogant enough to send picture holiday cards of themselves instead of their God(s) in an attempt to make people envy their superior lives.

But this year is different. We as the Conclave are launching off into the new Decade. Away from a decade of ignorance, war, poverty, and angry wealthy urban middle class yelling at the government of taking over their lives and at the same time demanding that it fix their lazy, incompetent lives. As we sit around with our blood relatives and creepily close friends and partake in the last ceremony of perpetual gluttony of the decade, let us remind ourselves of what we have to be thankful for. And if you have nothing to be thankful for, be content that you have your dignity. And if you don't even have that, you can be thankful for your soul. And if you have lost that too (perhaps by going to China; see here) then be thankful that nature and the Omniverse have given you some kind of carbon molecular structure to allow you to exist at least as a figment of your own imagination.

So as we sit around watching a clock for 3 hours in order to celebrate one second, as each second goes by let our resolve get stronger. Brethren, let us be unstoppable in the new Decade to free the poor souls who have lost their way in the dark forest of ignorance. Let us be their evening star leading the way to a path of glowing candles that will guide them to Enlightenment. This is the gift the Conclave brings. What can you bring?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let Democracy Reign Free!!!!!!!

Brethren, for far too long have our natural rights been suppressed. For too long has our government deceived us into thinking we have such things as "voting rights" or "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". The government has not done enough to ensure these rights and has even stolen some of them, one of which is property which was "replaced" with happiness. Everyone knows that property is far more valuable than fickle happiness. What kind of bigoted man had the guts to amke such a ridiculous, ignorant substitution.

If true democracy means power to all people, then how dare the government prevent the the extension of suffrage to those under 18. It is outright ageist. Teenagers and fetuses are both living human being that, according the Institute of Natural Rights, "have been bestowed with the same natural rights of adults". They deserve to vote even though people claim that they lack such unimportant, trivial qualities like "experience" and "wisdom".

In addition, why do we have imprisonment laws for "harmful" drugs like marijuana or cocaine. It was all Reagan's plan to "maintain morality" and destroy our rights. If it makes me happy to get go on an unending unnatural acid trip to kill my soul, then let me be. What kind of government is arrogant enough to say that it can govern and protect it's people.

Power to the People and as Voltaire said "Erascez l'enfame" or "crush the infamous thing".

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

America: Infected With the Mark of the Beast

Recently, a report was released stating that America has been stricken with the mark of the beast. This report along with a plethora of evidence supporting the fact that the End Of Days is near, it is a subject of utmost importance. It also means that an intricate system of Nuclear Attack Shelters must be constructed underground.

In late January of 2009 a study done by the Institute of All Things Biblical warned that; "America has been marked with the Devil's Mark, the Mark of the Beast: 666." The study continued by saying that; "When our archaeological dig teams were excavating a site around Washington DC they came across a massive beast mark that had been burned into the very ground. It read '666' and had a crude etching of what seemed to be Barrack Obama beneath it."

When the Obama Administration was informed they responded rather oddly stating that; “We would rather not comment at this time.” The United States government on all levels remained quiet with this monumental discovery. The question now is, how are the American people going to handle this? One answer remains in possibly our last real hope: The Westboro Baptist Church.

When the Westboro Baptist Church was informed they only responded by saying; “We told you so.” But luckily Fred Phelps, the leader of the church, stated that he is willing to assist in the fight against the Evil that is about to ensue. When Fred Phelps was informed he stated; “I will stop at nothing to rid this world of the Evil America. God will smite humanity and my church will emerge victorious!” Though we have no idea what he plans to do to help save the world from the Evil lurking beneath our surface, we trust that his sense of judgment will be what’s best for our nation. However, Phelps and his small cult of “good-doers” plan to protest outside of the digging site, hoping to rid what evil resides on the continent.

Further evidence suggests that even the Westboro Baptist Church cannot do what needs to be done. According to Reverend Paul Q. Fordham, minister and cofounder of the East Wood Baptist Church, believes that it is time to repent or be sacrificed; “It is obvious that everyone needs to repent, and those who don’t repent must be sacrificed on a slab of limestone in the middle of our church’s alter. Until we have purged the entire American population, we will never be safe.” Fred Phelps openly agreed with Reverend Fordham by placing a gigantic sign on the front of his church that depicted his church members cannibalizing adulterers and sinners. Although enthusiastic about their idea, there is no clear plan of how they will fund their purges. Until then, Man’s future seems bleak.

Also, the Obama Administration has been openly chastising the two Baptist Churches for quite some time now, claiming that; “These religious fanatics have nothing better to do than fabricate elaborate stories to assert their authority in rural Kansas, it’s obvious cow-tipping has lost its luster.” (Kansas is where the Westboro Baptist Church is located)

It is apparent that the Obama Administration is trying to cover something up. The Mark of the Beast has been burned on American soil, now it’s payback time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

China's Plan to Take over the World

Little known fact: there are a lot of Chinese people. Also a little known fact: this is due mainly to the fact that Chinese people reproduce asexually through buds. That is why even though China has 20% more men than women and also has the "One Child Policy" they are able to produce Chinese people at an exponential rate like sweatshops producing more lead filled toys even after the toys were recalled.

So what is the Communist government planning to do with this exponential growth of people?Utilize them and take over the world so that they have a place to put them. It is apparent that this plan is already in motion. In almost every school in the nation, Chinese budlings have established the stereotype of being "smart" and have risen to the top rank of every school. Education control: check. In businesses and corporations, the Chinese have established the reputation of being paranoid perfectionists and have succeeded in taking head positions in corporations. Business control: check. The horrendous driving of the Chinese has caused the death of countless unsuspecting Americans. Population control: check. And to top it all off, President (Chairman) Obama as a communist, socialist leader, as discovered by the astute, smart rightist saviors, has appointed Steven Chu as the Secretary of "Energy"(aka World Domination). Government control: check.
The Russians, as explained below are the brawn of this Chinese takeover. They will invade and conquer America while Steven, with the help of the Russians, will destroy the line of succession, the Houses of Congress and become the President/Chairman of the new Commune of America. The Russians will then be dealt with accordingly (thrown into hell... probably somewhere in Detroit). With the combined economic might and military power of the Commune of America with China, the world will be defenseless as one by one, the countries of the world are absorbed into the Commune.

Welcome to Utopia! Long Live Chairman Chu! Long Live the Motherland!

Thou hast been warned and heed this warning carefully. For as Sun Tzu said "When the warning of the enemy is as clear as the blue sky, follow it well or you will be fated to end up in Detroit".

Russia's Plan To Invade the United States: RED ALERT

My fellow Americans, the Russians plan to attack! Yes! The Russians. Who could have ever guessed! When a recent telegraph was intercepted by the NSA it was apparent that the Communist threat was very much alive. This is only an excerpt, unfortunately we have no idea what it means because our own government thought the Russians had been defeated. They were wrong. Dead Wrong. America calls upon you!

Below is part of the New USSR attack plan (Translation is NEEDED)

"Мы идем вторгнуться ваша жалостливая маленькая страна и повиснуться капиталисты для их злодеяний против мати Россия! Опасайтесь коммунистическая армия! Красная Армия мира! Мы идем задавить вас! Толкотня! Толкотня! Толкотня! Победа для Marx и Ленин! Во первых мы идем вторгнуться ваше country' хозяйственные s главные и воинские артерии, на Айова и Монтана! Вы тупоумные американцы никогда не будете видеть, что оно пришло! После этого мы съедим ваших детей и ваших любимчиков! И используйте ваших женщин для того чтобы вспахать наши поля! Длиной живет мать Россия! Длиной живет новое СССР! Новая советская республика! Ahhhhhhhhh. Если вы кладете время в переводить это, то вы имеете теперь жизнь."

The Red Army has been mobilized. There is also substantial evidence that the Chinese are in cahoots with the New Soviets. Victory must be ours.

If you have any information on this topic your help is needed. God Bless the USA.

Uncle Sam needs you! The Conclave needs you! Freedom is ours!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Confessions of a Congressman: New Military Uniforms

Representatives, I have in mind a proposal that will seem at first absurd, but in reality, will make the United States military machine unstoppable, and scarier than one could ever imagine. Let it be resolved here today that the United States military should make changes in their uniforms.
WHEREAS: The terrorist enemy is a force comprised of Muslim fanatics that are hellbent on destroying the Universe

WHEREAS: Their Holy Koran states that all homosexuals must be destroyed and burned in pit of fire that reaches up to seven feet high

WHEREAS: Muslims are generally afraid of homosexuals, particularly the radical ones which are the most dangerous of all

WHEREAS: According to the Holy Koran; "There is nothing a radical Muslim fears more than a Gay with a gun
WHEREAS: When terrorist leaders read that quote they exclaimed; "I hope the Americans don't read this..."

WHEREAS: The good people in the Middle-East are getting a bit tired of this war we have imposed on them with our technological superiority.

LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT: All combatant troops in the Middle-East be provided with Rainbow uniforms and patches signifying that they are homosexual and that they're ready for battle. Also, let it further be resolved that the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy be effectively removed from the American military to encourage Gays and Lesbians alike to to join and fight.

The radical muslims in the region will be demoralized and will ultimately surrender, whereas the good people of the Middle-East won't know what's going on.
Also, after the creation of the homosexual state of Lesbonon, it is necessary that our Rainbow Warriors ally themeselves with the Lesbollah.
Victory will be ours quite soon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lesbonon: A Country Without A Man

Lebanon has fallen out of the media since their borders were penetrated by Israeli tanks and military operatives. This highly debated issue garnered much attention because people didn't understand why the Lebanese population was not in favor of such actions taken by the Israeli government. After all Lebanon is home to the radical group Hezbollah, a group thought to be so deadly that even the Israelis won’t mess with them. However, after recent events it is clear that Lebanon will be reappearing on every news network. Careful analysis and examination show that Lebanon and Hezbollah no longer pose a threat to the modern world and will be looked at as the world’s greatest culmination of Far-Leftist organizations.

According to Dr. Yo Mather, esteemed professor of socio-political analysis at the University of Georgia on December 11, 2009; “Lebanon’s growing population has become somewhat of surprise because the women are starting to outnumber the men. This was noticed in November when margin between men and women grew from a small 3% difference to 92%. Lebanon’s population now consists mostly of women.”

Yosef Ibrahim, one of the last Lebanese men, describes the odd occurrences in his homeland;
“I woke up one morning to find that my five boys were gone, nowhere to be found. I searched and I searched, and after much searching I realized that all of the men were gone! Only a few were left, and like me, they were searching for their boys too! We have no idea where the men are in our society! Even Hezbollah no longer has men filling its ranks. Now they fly a banner of rainbow AK-47’s shooting flowers…”

This also gave rise to the question of whether or not the country’s name should be changed to “Lesbonon” because homosexuality is now rampant in the once predominantly Muslim area. This also gave rise to the question of whether or not the once intimidating terrorist group Hezbollah (which translates to “Party of God”) should change its name to “Lesbollah” (which translates to “Women In Love”).

Further research is needed, but it is clear the Lesbonon will be a force to be reckoned with. And as for Lesbollah, governments in the region are not sure how to respond. Though, the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad responded in outrage stating that; “I cannot believe I just wrote a check for $700,000,000 to a bunch of Infidels…”

The future is uncertain in the region, but one thing is certain; the Lesbonese will be the pioneers of the Middle-East.

Concerning The Stock Market

There's a lot of talk about the stock market. It goes up it goes down, it goes left and it goes right. But there's one glaring problem: it's ruining America. It is ruining the land of the Free, and the home of the Brave. Let it be known that the stock market is an Evil institution (yes an institution) that is out to kill all that is Good. And it is also known that Red China is on the verge of taking over the world.
People cry out; "However will we fix this problem?!" The answer, my fellow Brethren is to sell the Evil stock market to those blasted Communists on the Asian continent. There are many naysayers when it comes to this proposal, but it must be done.The plan would be to first sell the stock market to China for $50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. The Chinese, being easily fooled, would "buy" into this idea, thinking that they would gain a stranglehold over America. But, the truth is we would have a stranglehold over them. Our stock market, volatile, and unpredictable, would destroy the Communists, making them crawl back to the United States like the weak-willed people they really are. When they do this, we will buy China with the very money they gave to us. Then we will systematically buy the rest of the world. Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Russia, and every other country.

Sell the God Forsaken institution.

The Rise of China?

Many people fear that the Red Chinese are on their way to replace the United States as the overlord of the free world. They have adopted "market socialism" as a cover for their communist, authoritarian economy where they sell their women for rice, their rights for opium, and lives for giant walls that keep out nonexistent mongols. China has become so powerful, that it has enslaved the United States' economy, put a leash on it, and has dragged it around flaunting it as its personal pet (and at times has beat it as illustrated by the current economic recession). In addition, the Chinese army has so many people that it is still able to effectively use human wave tactics in a nuclear age (think walls of people).

Even though they may have economic and military might, there is one thing that China lacks and which America dominates: Faith. The concentration of athiests within the country has created a secular, humanist Black Hole that sucks the souls out of all that step into that country (see above diagram)- one of the main reasons that Communism was so successful. All seen "conversions" to Christianity or other repectable faiths have been Communist propoganda in order to decieve the world into thinking China has any sense of morality or virtue. This has caused China to have weaker morale and divine rights than the United States. This is what will always make China subservient to the United States. Know these "facts", do you still think China will maybe one day overtake the United States? Or shall the United States forevermore be the leader of the Omniverse as we know it?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Call to Duty: Help Achieve Purity of Language

Hallo. Howz yu doeing? Speakingness and reader no fun when sprelling and grammaticalness monstrous and happen around homely earth here today.

Seeing that the language of American, also known as English, is the most prevalent language in the world, many countries have tried to adopt it to signify their acceptance of the United States as their overlord. However, by doing so they have succeeded in butchering English to the extent that rappers have butchered it (u git wat im sayin my fly, homedawg skillit yo. Say what?! Get low!). And just because they "no spreken ze Engrish more gooder" is no excuse for destroying the very foundation of the elite American culture that has consumed the world. In fact, American English is so elite, that we don't even allow the United States to make it its official language.

My Brethren, as Enlightened harbingers of purity, let us move to destroy all of those that seek to undermine the beauty of a language that God himself speaks (the Bible is in English, duh). Let us purge the world of things written in indecipherable formats (especially rap songs). Only then can we, as the Conclave, hope to achieve our mission from the Omniverse to lift the public out of ignorance and into the light. Please Brethren, post your suggestions and methods so we can once again achieve Purity of Language.

Healthcare: A Conservative's Plea For Justice

America has been betrayed. In the year 2009, the great United States of America has been stabbed in the back by an enemy on the inside. So many may ask; Who is this enemy? And where is he? The enemy resides on Capitol Hill. The Democrats want to promote this Health Care Bill, claiming it's in the interest of the American people...

But we know what it's really about. It's about control, and power over the Free World. They don't care about you or me, they only care about themselves. Personally, I hate the Health Care Bill because it is filled with wasteful spending plans.
Now, I haven't actually read the Health Care Bill, but I can assume that because the Democrats created it; it must be terrible. Though I did not actually read the bill, I did read the table of contents. Oh! What horrors I saw there! In section 157. titled: NON-DISCRIMINATION ON ABORTION AND RESPECT FOR RIGHTS OF CONSCIENCE, it is clear that this is the work of Satan.

Everyone knows the word Abortion is Evil, and if it appears in a piece of government legislation, especially legislation created by Democrats, it is pure Evil!

Those black-blooded Liberals want nothing more than to indoctrinate America with their filth and steal our precious children! Yes! Steal our children and consume them to feed their insatiable appetite for human flesh.

So, I call upon you courageous Conservatives and urge you to fight back! Fight against tyranny and injustice and these putrid scum that pollute our political system.

Also, I would like to point out how these Demons of the Dark Lord try to cover up their treachery; they incorporate fluffy words like "Respect" and "Rights", obviously trying to seduce you into joining them!

Do not join them. By any means. This is America. And I am an American.

America needs justice.

- Angry Conservative

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Resolution to Ban Santa Claus


Whereas: Santa Claus has devalued the meaning of the holidays from spiritual gratification to a material gratification,

Whereas: Santa Claus “sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake” and “knows if you’ve been bad or good”, he stalks and creeps on minors by offering what they want for Christmas,

Whereas: Santa Claus “is making a list and checking twice”, Santa Clause arbitrarily judges people as unjustly and unfairly as a tyrant,

Whereas: Santa Claus discriminates by religion and ideology only giving presents to Christians and those who believe in him,

Whereas: Santa Claus therefore discriminates against all adults by not giving adults presents, forcing adults to buy presents for themselves,

Whereas: Santa Claus discriminates between children giving some children better, more expensive items than others,

Whereas: Due to the heavy air-traffic during the holidays, Santa’s sleigh and flying reindeer pose a danger and threat to commercial airplanes, endangering lives,

Whereas: There have been reports and complaints about roof and chimney damages occurring over the holidays,

Whereas: Santa Claus has been in clear violation of unlawful entry, trespassing on personal property without the formal consent of the owners,

Whereas: Santa Claus steals and eats food items left laying around the house or hung on a tree,

Whereas: Santa Claus employs the use of slave labor, enslaving the elves inflicted with a genetic disability for dwarfism

Whereas: For all we know, the living and working conditions of these elves could be worse than those seen in sweatshops around the world, seeing that their work station is located in the Arctic, a place with some the harshest weather and living conditions in the world.

Whereas: Santa Claus has been on the run for thousands of years and is in hiding all year round except for the evening of the 24th day of December,

Whereas: Santa Claus has continually thwarted attempts by all people to see and/or capture him,

Be It Resolved: That Santa Claus be banned from all households in the world,

Be It Further Resolved: That Claus’s sweatshop and estate in the Arctic be found and taken over, the Elvin slaves be freed, and the estate be converted to something more useful, e.g. an oil digging site,

Be It Further Resolved: That Santa Claus be taken into custody and tried in the International Court of Justice for the crimes listed above and for crimes against humanity.

Confessions of a Congressman: A Practical Proposal

As an upstanding congressman in the Imperial Senate, I hereby propose that as a remedy for the current economic downturn and to add a little bit of spice to television entertainment that it be resolved: That Capital Punishment should be expanded upon and implemented in every state and territory under control by the United States of America.

WHEREAS: Capital Punishment is not the most popular topic in our country today and popular opinion needs to be swayed in favor of nationwide implementation.

WHEREAS: The United States steel industry is floundering and in need of a boost. And the American unemployment rate must be lowered from where it currently stands, increased steel plants to employ those in need of work.

WHEREAS: The Superbowl is the most viewed television event in the United States of America. More goods and products are consumed and used by consumers due to this national event

Let it be resolved that: On the day of Superbowl hold crucifixions of convicted felons on steel crosses, upside down on the 50 yard line. This will not only cause a dramatic rise in our economic stability, but it will also make executions much less expensive.

- Congressman of the Imperial Senate

Prostitution Add-On: Child's Perspective

Whoreses from a child's perspective:

Confessions Of a Congressman: Legalizing Prostitution

In today's world the United States of America holds a $12 trillion debt. Regardless of your political views or sexual orientation, it is clear that our economy needs a little fixing. A little stimulation so to speak. There are over 300 million people living in the United States; quite possibly America's most valuable resource. Let it be proposed here today that prostitution should be legalized in the United States and each exported prostitute should cost $140,000.
Man and Woman alike must be sold to fix our declining economy.
For too long have we sat silent and allowed such economic treachery to occur. But now we can save our economy with the exportation of prostitutes---or War Whoreses (Pronounced horses). These War Whoreses will pick us up out of the current economic slump and bring us back to the top. Where we belong. We must toss away our morals and our value; Prostitution will help, will revive our economy.

I would like to close with a passage from the Holy Bible: Leviticus 3-1-2:
"If it must be done, it must be done... Sell your clothes, sell your crop and cattle. And if it must be done sell your sons and daughters into unholy bondage for the rest of their natural lives."
God has clearly deemed it necessary to sell/export human beings into the sex trade.

It must be done.
But so we can retain some semblance of morality, Mahatma Gandhi states “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Enough said.

Conclave Debate: Poverty v Climate Change

Watch your fellow Conclave Brethren debate the hot, hunger-inducing issues of poverty, climate change, and architecture. Listen and learn as you might randomly be asked to weigh the pros and cons of these issues with the world at stake. The resolution: Resolved: When it cannot do both, the United Nations should prioritize poverty reduction over combatting climate change.

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXYlNWfW5I4

Confessions of a Congressman: Gay Rights

When it comes to Gay Rights, one thing is certain: it is an oxymoron. Obviously, the reason why we are even debating the issue signifies that an evil shroud has blinded our pure American vision with technicolor obscurity. As a representative of a pure America, I stand straight to proclaim that we must fight their alluring giggles and valley girl rhetoric so that they do not lure us into establishing their Gay Agenda (or what they like to call "rights").

In fact this issue is even more devastating than previously thought. When I did some more research on the Internet (which is super-modernized plumbing) more skeletons jumped out of the closet. According to a reliable Internet source, during the Cold War, the Soviets were experimenting with "Fringe" sciences in order to get ahead of the United State's far superior technology. One of the Fringe sciences was genetic modification and one gene they were trying to perfect was homosexuality. Once the Soviet Union started to crumble, the number of hard-core Soviets decreased and the number of homosexuals "coming out" increased. Obviously, these Soviets bent and became gays; gays on a mission to tear apart the fabric of American society. These gay communists have been using this same Cold War technology to "encourage the coming out" of more gays.
Ladies and gentlemen, our greatest fear has become reality: gay communists with leftist agendas. We must stop this pink menace from infecting us all. And remember, as our covenant with God reminds us, "rainbows are God's way of frowning at gays".
-Congressman of the Imperial Senate

Confessions of a Congressman: Palestinian Statehood

When examining the question of whether or not Palestinians should have their own state created, it is obvious that they should not. Whereas, the Palestinians are not political equals to the Israeli presence in the region. If you are to look at the Torah or any Judaic religious text you will find that the Israelites are God's chosen people. This grants them the right to do whatever they'd like in the region and in the world.

The Palestinians have had their chances to create their own state many, many times, but one may ask: Why haven't they created a state?

Many say it is due to the Israeli's harsh policies and their tyrannical power in the area, but everyone knows it is because God has not willed it yet. And if God has not willed it, it will never be.

This brings me to the point that there will not and should not ever be a Palestinian state in the Middle East. If one is ever created, it is in fact the work of Satan and his Arch-Demon El Diablo.

To quote the bold, the brave, the fearless, the short and stalky, Ariel Sharone; "This land is my land, get out of my way Palestine."
- Congressman of the Imperial Senate

The Existence of Other Life

One question many seem to ponder over is whether or not there are other forms of life out there in the vast seas of space. The answer undoubtedly is yes, for if the Universe is vast and if there are multiple Universes existing in one super-massive Omniverse, there must be other life.

The real questions are: Do these life forms share similarities with us? Are they vicious or ferocious? Do they plan to conquer the Omniverse? For of Man were to venture outside His own Universe, He would be compelled to venture into other Universes.

But then again; do we actually exist? As it stands now, we do not know, we might not ever know. One thing however remains clear; in our perceived reality other life must exist. Only because our reality is limitless.

Further analysis concludes that their is the possibility that Man was created by greater beings. Superior Craftsmen with a Magical Clay.

And so The Conclave speaks; "Humanity carries on through this vast space, on a Vessel Of Life. This Vessel must not by any means be violated for if it is, Man will suffer. Though, it is true that Suffering is Man's eternal condition, we must march on through the Space of Eternity. Man must Prevail. If Man is to prevail he must venture out of his Common Universe and become united with the Omniverse. He can only do so by coming into contact with The Other Races Of The Omniverse. Until he has done so he will remain Lost."

Do We Really Exist?

Do we exist? Do you exist? What is existence? In today's World there is much debate as to whether or not Man exists.
And if Man were to exist is His existence significant when placed next to the vast Universe?

Descartes once said; "Cogito Ergo Sum"
I think therefore I am. But is he?
And Orpheus once asked "What is Real?"

How do we know we are not but brains in glass jars that sit upon a marble counter top in the 9th Universe of the 6th Dimension?
The truth is that we cannot comprehend what is Truth. Humanity does not have the capacity to understand the Secrets of the Universe.

And so The Conclave speaks; "If Man were to seek and come upon True Knowledge, He would be destroyed by the Energies that reside in the vast Universe. One of many in the Great Omniverse. If Man were to actually exist His existence may not be significant. For Man's significance is weightless."

Where Doth The Tree Of Knowledge Lay?

From the story of the huge, ostentatious Tree conveniently located by God in the center of the Garden of Eden to the seeds of the magnificent Tree that will sprout out of your computer screen and consume your mind from this blog, the legend of the Tree Of Knowledge has been promulgated by the many cultures of the world (only those that are Christian).

Where doth the Tree Of Knowledge lie today? And why have we not tried to search for it? If one Fruit led to the technology to destroy the world a thousand times over, then we can only imagine what bushels of divine knowing will inspire. The Conclave would like to claim that the Tree Of Knowledge lies within the seeds of the pomegranate and that if we were to combine all the seeds in one vat, the combination will levitate, consolidate into one huge seed and then blind all those not worthy and impregnate the minds of those that have been enlightened by the Conclave. But that's just a theory. What are your theories? And if you have found It, can you please inform the Conclave?

Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Man?

The age old question: is Man intrinsically evil? Post your thoughts and comments.

Prepare for intellectual stimulation.

Our Voyage Into Knowledge Commences

This is the first of many blogs that will be posted by the Conclave.
In this world knowledge is power and power is at your fingertips.

The place where Knowledge combats ignorance. Where Enlightenment shines its rays on the people of this Earth. Where the ends justify the means. Where reality meets justice.

Feel free to discuss topics as you wish (if you dare stand to see the Light). Keep it clean (or you will be blinded by the Light).