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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let Democracy Reign Free!!!!!!!

Brethren, for far too long have our natural rights been suppressed. For too long has our government deceived us into thinking we have such things as "voting rights" or "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". The government has not done enough to ensure these rights and has even stolen some of them, one of which is property which was "replaced" with happiness. Everyone knows that property is far more valuable than fickle happiness. What kind of bigoted man had the guts to amke such a ridiculous, ignorant substitution.

If true democracy means power to all people, then how dare the government prevent the the extension of suffrage to those under 18. It is outright ageist. Teenagers and fetuses are both living human being that, according the Institute of Natural Rights, "have been bestowed with the same natural rights of adults". They deserve to vote even though people claim that they lack such unimportant, trivial qualities like "experience" and "wisdom".

In addition, why do we have imprisonment laws for "harmful" drugs like marijuana or cocaine. It was all Reagan's plan to "maintain morality" and destroy our rights. If it makes me happy to get go on an unending unnatural acid trip to kill my soul, then let me be. What kind of government is arrogant enough to say that it can govern and protect it's people.

Power to the People and as Voltaire said "Erascez l'enfame" or "crush the infamous thing".


  1. This is completely off topic, but you all need to go see Avatar right now. Its literally life changing.

    /off topic-ness.

  2. Yes. I've seen it twice now. Its absolutely life changing.

  3. wow this is sooo biased...

  4. Let me just point out that the unidentified person in the picture is wearing a watch, probably a Rolex, on his/her RIGHT wrist. Due to the law of contrary watch-wearing (a right-handed person will wear a watch on his/her left wrist) this person is obviously a leftist. As a Roman, and an AP Latin student, I know that the Latin word for left is *sinister.* Obviously this post is part of an insidious plot to infiltrate the Conclave and subvert its truly free people. RISE UP, MEMBERS OF THE CONCLAVE, AND LET THE ENEMY KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT SO EASILY SEDUCED BY PROMISES OF SO-CALLED "DEMOCRACY" FROM THOSE WHO WOULD PERVERT AND DISTORT OUR GREAT PATRON'S (Voltaire, duh) WORDS AND USE THEM FOR THEIR OWN FASCIST AGENDAS!